Yes. If you need to come in at a different time than your regularly scheduled lesson, you can cancel your lesson outside the 48 hour window and reschedule a new one in an available slot.

You can reschedule your appointment in one of the following ways in one of the following ways:

  • Online via our scheduling software
    • Login using the email address you used to schedule the original appointment
    • Click 'Appointments' to view your upcoming lessons
    • Find the lesson you'd like to cancel and click 'reschedule'
  • Send us an email with the date of the session you'd like to reschedule and a few preferred days / times that will work for you
  • Call us at 206-407-9610

If you have a regular recurring lesson and you need to cancel more than one occurrence, please send us an email with the date range you need to cancel. Please note that we cannot hold recurring lesson spots open for longer than 3 weeks.